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Gather Your Crew, Become a Mobster!

  • Terrible Lair Podolje Zagreb, City of Zagreb, 10000 Croatia (map)

Are you ready for an adventure? Step into the world of intrigue, plotting and clash of mobster famiglias. Terrible Creations invite you to the Famiglia Bonifacio: Il Primo game, which is to be held on Saturday, July 8!

This live action role-playing game for 25 to 30 players takes place in residence of mafia boss Don Angelo Bonifacio.

Unpleasant events will turn a calm and peaceful morning into a prelude to a new war with the famiglia Morello. Can famiglia Bonifacio stand together and overcome the challenges it will face?

Your character will find him/herself entangled in a net of deceptions, hidden intentions, political intrigues and personal score-setting. The goals of the character you play are known only to you. As the plot thickens, your primary objective may change to simply staying alive in the upcoming showdown.

Famiglia Bonifacio: Il Primo Photo: Tanja Bjelić

Famiglia Bonifacio: Il Primo
Photo: Tanja Bjelić

No prior experience is required to participate in the game, and neither is extensive knowledge of mobster world. If you have seen any of the movies or TV shows like Godfather, Scarface, Untouchables, Boardwalk Empires etc. you already know enough to play.

The dress code is the style of the Roaring ’20s and ’30s. In case you need some inspiration, check out the photos of our previous games.

Famiglia Bonifacio: Il Primo Photo: Tanja Bjelić

Famiglia Bonifacio: Il Primo
Photo: Tanja Bjelić

Not only this will be the very first time Il Primo will be played in our Terrible Lair, but it is also the first time we offer the possibility of playing two interconnected games two days in a row!

Up to seven players will get the opportunity to play our game Famiglia Bonifacio: The Evening before too, on Friday, July 7, starting at 7 PM.

A registration is required and should be filled in here. You can get your discount tickets through the Entrio system or at the Crni mačak caffe bar, Podolje 10, Zagreb.

How Much Will It Cost You?

If you get your ticket before June 30

Famiglia Bonifacio: Il Primo - 70 HRK / 10 Euros
Famiglia Bonifacio: Il Primo + Famiglia Bonifacio: The Evening Before - 105 HRK / 14 Euros

If you get your ticket between July 1 and July 5

Famiglia Bonifacio: Il Primo - 110 HRK / 15 Euros
Famiglia Bonifacio: Il Primo + Famiglia Bonifacio: Večer prije - 145 HRK / 20 Euros

If you have questions or need assistance, please let us know. Thank you.