Mafia Extravagance

Il Secondo

Ever since his eldest son and heir was killed in his residence, mafia boss Don Angelo Bonifacio spends his days getting drunk to the point of unconsciousness. The Famiglia Bonifacio, his life's work, is falling apart. Rival factions are fighting for power, trying to gain as much power as possible or even take over the whole family. Which of them will succeed in this and at what cost? What will each of you do? Whose side will you take? Will you be in the grace of the new Don, or will you be the one to take over?

Where can you play: Mesnička 12, Zagreb, Hrvatska ili po dogovoru
When can you play: per agreement
Price: available per request
Capacity: 6-12 persons
Duration: up to 3 hours (180 minutes)
Age: 18+
Languages: English, Croatian
Costumes: business/business casual, in keeping with the fashion of the late 1920s


Il Secondo

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