Magical Worlds

Department of Magical Objects

The Department of Magical Objects takes you to the world in which magic is reality. You are among a select few who seek to discover who or what is undermining the foundations of the magical world and poisoning it with fear and mistrust. You will try to unravel the tangle of secrets in the Croatian Ministry of Magic, at a time when mysterious magical objects unexpectedly appear. The game takes place in the same world as the Secret School of Magic, which means you can play it in preparation for the bigger game. The game was designed and made in collaboration with the Ministry of Magic Croatia.

Where can you play: Podolje 10, Zagreb, Croatia or by agreement
When can you play: per agreement
Price: available per request
Capacity: 6-12 persons
Duration: up to 2 hours (120 minutes)
Age: 18+
Languages: English, Croatian
Costumes: a modern dress, your grandpa’s suit, cloaks and capes… whatever you see fit for a witch or a wizard in today’s world


Department of Magical Objects