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Prys is a sci-fi game that takes place in a spaceship, at a time when artificial intelligence reaches and surpasses human, and robots are quite similar to human beings. A research interstellar ship has been sent into a routine mission with a crew made up of humans and androids. Both sides are divided over the future role of androids in the world which has so far been dominated by humans. Relationships are strained, conflict is in the air. Who will you side with and why?

We played Prys (then still called Singularity) in the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum in Zagreb, and in 2017, it was among the projects that represented Croatia at the International Fair of Tools for the Informal Learning in Bulgaria.

Where can you play: online (over Zoom)
When can you play: per agreement
Price: available per request
Capacity: 6-12 persons
Duration: up to 120 minutes
Age: 15+
Languages: English, Croatian
Costumes: not necessary



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