Mafia Extravagance


The mafia families Bonifacio and Morello have been waging a bloody war in the streets for two years, before Tony “Il Primo” Bonifacio and Frederico “Serpente” Piazzoli managed to persuade the heads of the families to make truce. One of the key parts of the deal was the casino "Fortuna", a joint venture in which one family will collect proceeds from the illegal sale of alcohol, and other from gambling. The casino is about to be open, and you are invited to attend the celebration. Can the truce really turn in to a lasting peace?

Where can you play: Mesnička 12, Zagreb, Hrvatska ili po dogovoru
When can you play: per agreement
Price: available per request
Capacity: do 24 osobe
Duration: up to 4 hours (240 minutes)
Age: 18+
Languages: English, Croatian
Costumes: business/business casual, in keeping with the fashion of the late 1920s



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