Magical Worlds


Witches will take you to the Middle Ages, to a the time when Zagreb was ruled by Barbara Celjska, the infamous Black Queen. You will become witches (or maybe warlocks) whom that moody ruler has gathered in order to create a magic potion for her. If she doesn’t like it – off with your head!

This fun and humorous game is primarily intended as entertainment for bachelorette parties, since the ingredients for magic potions are cocktail ingredients, and the witches will have to try for themselves what they mix before offering their preparation to Barbara Celjska.

Where can you play: Mesnička 12, Zagreb, Hrvatska ili po dogovoru
When can you play: per agreement
Price: available per request
Capacity: 3-8 persons
Age: 18+
Languages: English, Croatian
Costumes: nisu potrebni



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