We are Terrible Creations

About us

A team of experienced designers that has been operating since 2014 and is responsible for countless good times companies from Croatia and abroad have had. We specialize in facilitation, applied learning through storytelling, and shaping a narrative in which each individual gets their own story and their own place as the protagonist. Experienced in working with very small and very large groups, as well as everything in between, in addition to our own location, we also offer a number of exciting and scenic locations provided by our partner associates.

Some of the users of our services so far, among others: Podravka, Nanobit, Poslovna inteligencija, Omega Software, Konfucijev institut Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Dubrovnik Travel, Adacta, 12 Yards Productions, Tehnički muzej Nikola Tesla u Zagrebu, Turistička zajednica grada Novske…

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Matija Mihoković
Founder and director, master of ceremonies and excellent facilitator.

Lucija Tancer Mihoković
Expert in situating experience and systematization and organization.

Vatroslav Jelovica
A graduate psychologist with an affinity for statistics who designs experiences based on insights gained from data analysis.

Miroslav Wranka
An expert in the use of games as a tool in improving education, business, and social integration.