There's a storm of warships buzzing all over. This battle will change the course of history. Hidden on the other side of the Moon, five officers and one civilian fight different kind of battle. They face a tough decision: to remain faithful to Empire, or join the Rebellion? The wrong decision will cost them their lives. 

The game is set in the Star Wars universe. It's a homage to a series we grew up with. No previous role-playing experience or costumes are required, but you should be familiar with the basic concepts of the series at least.

Total duration: up to two hours

Number of participants: six

Time and place: For public events, please check our event calendar. If you'd like us to run a game during your convention, conference or a private event, please contact us to discuss details.

Star Wars: Endor LARP day, Osijek, Croatia, 2015.

Star Wars: Endor
LARP day, Osijek, Croatia, 2015.

We've run Star Wars: Endor at LARP day Rijeka, Croatia, LARP day Osijek, Croatia, LARP marathon at Rikon 2015, Rijeka, Croatia and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences RolePlay Section in Zagreb, Croatia. 

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