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Here are all presentations from the International LARP Conference PoRtaL 5 (3 - 5 March 2017, Zagreb) available at the moment, in alphabetical order:

Goran Dimić 
Games for Pre-schoolers

Alessandro Giovannucci
Making and Running a High-end LARP

Niclas Hell
What the Hell is an Edularp?

Lujza Kotryova
Making Games for Businesses

Mads Lunau
How to Start and Run a School Based on LARP

Tina Lee Odinsky Zec
LARP in the Classroom

Mikołaj Wicher
Making and Running a Blockbuster LARP

Miroslav Wranka
Bringing LARP to Larger Audiences: What Have We Learned So Far 

Ivan Žalac
Night Chronicles LARP

All are in PDF format. Left-click to open, right-click to save. 

Cover photo: Mads Lunau at the International LARP Conference PoRtaL 5 in Zagreb (taken by Irena Hartmann)