Step Into Our World of Magic

A rare adventure awaits you! Join us in the Stara Sušica castle in the stunningly beautiful Gorski Kotar (Croatia) from May 31 to June 2 2019 in an epic magical struggle between good and evil.

You'll find yourself immersed in a live action role-playing game inspired by the works of J. K. Rowling, Jim Butcher, Ben Aaronovitch and other urban fantasy writers, in which you will have to use your wits, skills and magic to solve numerous mysteries and overcome challanges that will stand in your way.

But fear not! Your magic wand and spells await you, along with a story you will help create and tell by your decisions and actions.


The Secret of the school of magic

- a live action role-playing game  by
Ministarstvo Magije Hrvatska & Terrible Creations -



Dear players,

unfortunately we are forced to cancel the Secret of the School of Magic 2019 event.

The reason is simple: despite our best efforts we have failed to sell enough tickets.

We are deeply sorry for all problems and inconveniences this might cause you (and we imagine it will).

Those of you who have already paid for the ticket will, of course, get a refund. Apart from this, we invite you to participate in our game "Department of Magical Items" for free on Friday, May 31, at our playroom in Zagreb (Podolje 10) starting from 7 PM.

We shall throw in a free shot of a stiff drink as well. (We need one right now.)

Thank you for believing in us. We do hope this is not the end and that we will get another chance to make the world of the School of Magic come to life once again.

Terrible Creations & Ministarstvo magije Hrvatska


The Terrible Creations and Ministarstvo magije Hrvatska association will open the door of the Stara Sušica School of Magic and invite you to take up a role in an epic ancient clash of good and evil which shall take place between May 31 and June 2, 2019 in Gorski kotar in Croatia.

We’ll play an exciting role playing game inspired by the works of J. K. Rowling, Jim Butcher, Ben Aaronovitch and others, but with our own original storyline, plots and characters, all with more than a pinch of Slavic mythology thrown in.

It's a rich and old world, troubled by sudden disappearances and other suspicious and foreboding events.

Choose a Side, Choose How To Fight

A world shrouded in mysteries waiting to be uncovered and explored, in which magic spells, charms and incantations are real, and you can become a wizard with a power to stop the impending doom that threatens the Stara Sušica School of Magic and the whole world of wizards.

You'll get to choose your allies and adversaries, as well as how will you fight, find yourself confronted with many different and often conflicting worldviews.

Can you be sure that all of your allies really are on your side? Do they have the same agenda as you do? What magical artifacts or other secrets are hidden within the castle? How can you use them to your benefit?

These will all be questions of interest to your character. Scheming, mystery and puzzle solving will also be a big part of the game.

Find out more about the world of the School of Magic here.

Minimum Rules, Maximum Roleplay

You are also free to create your own experiences - bearing in mind the confines and rules of the game - by playing your character the way you enjoy the most.

Game rules shall follow the guidelines of the Nordic style of playing: minimal emphasis on the rules, maximum on the role-play.

We designed a spell slinging game with as few rules as we managed, but serious on personal safety and well being of players. The idea is to have fun, and not get injured in any way while playing.

Do I Need a Costume?

The game does not require a specific dress code. We will be playing modern wizards trying (or not) to fit in into a world of non-magical people. So feel free to dress up as you see fit. Basically anything goes. If you need help and guidance, ask us at info(at)terriblecreations.com.

Where Will It Take Place?

We'll play in a medieval castle Stara Sušica that has been renewed mostly in its original style, but with modern comforts (such as bathrooms, heating, kitchen etc.) added.

The castle is located in the stunningly beautiful region of Gorski kotar in Croatia, 65 kilometers from Rijeka and 105 kilometers from Zagreb. The easiest way to reach it is by car. Parking is available at the site. Another option is the direct train line to Vrbovsko. We can pick you up at the train station and drive you to the location.

We might organize a shuttle transport from Rijeka or Zagreb if enough players are interested in that. This will cost some extra money but will make the whole experience more enjoyable. Please let us know if you'll need a lift or would like to use a shuttle transport.


How Long Will the Game Last?

Here's what the schedule will look like:

Friday, May 31

17:00 - Arrival at the Castle; On-boarding
19:00 - Dinner
20:00 - Workshops & Game Preparations

Saturday, June 1

10:00 - Photo Session
11:00 - Game Starts
23:00 - 01:00 - Game Ends

Sunday, June 2

09:00 – 10:00 - Breakfast, Pictures & Hugs, Departure

It still might change, but not by much. We'll let you know on time about any changes.

How Much Will It Cost?

All information about prices and payment can be found here.

Should you require an invoice or any assistance regarding payment, please contact us at info(at)terriblecreations.com.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

•    two overnight stays at the Stara Sušica castle
•    dinner on Friday upon arrival
•    breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner on Saturday
•    breakfast on Sunday before departure
•    pre-generated ready-to-play characters
•    all props and materials required for the game
•    an introductory workshop on Friday
•    approx. 14 hours of gameplay
•    a team of experienced game masters
•    a professional photographer
•    a magic wand that you can take home as a keepsake.

Insurance policy and tourist tax are also covered.

Sounds Great! Where Do I Sign Up?

You'll find the application form & payment info here.

For all other fluff info, game updates and the proper Game Design Document follow the event page on Facebook for regular updates.

You can find out more about the world of the School of Magic here.


School of Magic

No cars, computers, smartphones... In the School of Magic Stara Sušica you will solve problems with magic spells and wits.