The American continent is divided into two magically different worlds, with distinct magical traditions, philosophies and approaches to magic practice.

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South And Mezo America

The South American approach to magic is very ritualistic and heavily relies on use of magical artifacts and items of power. The physical component is almost non-existent (except for sacrifice) in the use of magic, but there is an emphasis on the vocal component.

The Mezo American approach is dominated by what is known today as Voodoo, sacrifice and conservation of magical energy being in the focus of magical use.

The magical authority is very militaristic and executive on the whole continent. The head magical general is elected every five years. Every time the general comes from a different country. Part of the authority is left to local self-governments.

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North America, Great Britain And the Commonwealth

These regions have their own forms of government and still unresolved relations with indigenous populations (Anglo-Saxons in Britain, natives in the Commonwealth).

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