Asia is divided into three strong monolithic forces: China, India and Korea


The Magical Republic of China

The Magical Republic of China encompasses the teritorries of China, Tibet and Mongolia. Chinese magic is characterized by worship of dragons and ancestros as main sources of magical powers. It is very ceremonial and uses primarily motion, and very rarely a vocal component, for casting spells. There is an endemic species of dragons on Tibet sought after by the Chinese school of magic  as a source of power. The control over these rare dragons is a source of conflict between Chinese and Tibetan wizards.

Famous Wizards Throghout History: Sun-Tzu, Confucius

Photo:  Ravi Sharma

Magical Indian Rajastan

Magical Indian Rajastan has a strict caste system. Particular schools of magic are available only to those of  the appropriate caste and use of magic outside one’s cast is punished by striping the individual of magical ability.

During the Colonial Era a strong influence of English magical schools and approaches spread throughout India, but all of it was forgotten once the colonials left. There is almost no communication or cooperation with All European Magical Parliament.


Famous Wizards Throghout History: Buddha

Photo:  Pixabay

Photo: Pixabay

North Korean Magical Self-governing Body of Happiness And Prosperity

North Korean Magical Self-governing Body of Happiness And Prosperity holds complete control over  use of magic in surrounding island countries. Through a highly developed system of detectors and informants they monitor all magical activity and enforce their rigorous rules through sinister strike forces controlled by the mysterious Office 66.

Unlike in Russia, where the magical structures are loyal to the old traditions and the Monarchy, in North Korea a critical mass of young witches and wizards gathered and, under the influence of modern European magical ways, overthrew the old magical hierarchy.

Famous Wizards Throghout History: unknown