Here you will find explanations for some of the most common words and phrases used in the wizardom of Croatia.

Tudum, tudumi [too-doom] - a person without any magic ability whatsoever. Most of them are not even aware wizards and witches exist, and think of them as fairy tales for children.

Bezdar, bezdari [bez-daar] - a person born into a family of wizards and witches, but has no ability to use the Art him or herself.

Zornik, zornici [zor-neek] - a wizard or a witch entrusted with enforcing the law and fighting the dark forces.

Šušur, šušuri [shoo-shoor] - a person born into a tudum family, but has developed an ability to use magic. Also called mutnjak, mutnjaci [moot-nyak], which is an offensive term.