Jarovit is Perun's tenth son, born on the last day of February and abducted that very same night, as a victim of the endless tug of war between Perun and Veles, the god of the underworld. His kidnapper Veles took Jarovit with him and raised him as his own son.

Jarovit was imprisoned in the Underworld for years, where he didn't have much else to do except experiment with magic. In time, he became so adept at the magical arts that he finally managed to stand up to Veles and escape.

Morana was the first person he encountered. Due to their complicated and tumultuous relationship, Jarovit is now forced to spend a couple of months in the underworld with Veles on a yearly basis. Every time he is ''freed'', he brings spring to Earth.

After escaping the underworld, Jarovit discovered how much he enjoyed engaging in physical activity, mostly in fighting.

Although he was a wizard, Jarovit was enamored with tudum weapons of all kinds, especially daggers. He himself always had a dagger on him. According to legend, he put a spell on it so the enchanted dagger could warn him when enemies were nearby. The current whereabouts of the dagger are unknown, but magical historians think that Jarovit hid it somewhere and that only those who are deemed worthy can find it.

In some ways, Jarovit considered himself a protector of tudums, which is something he and Lada had in common, whereas Morana didn't care much for non-magic folk. He often observed tudum settlements, so as to help the inhabitants if help was required.

Since wizards didn't feel the need to hide from tudums in those days, Jarovit liked to meddle in their battles, using his magical powers. This resulted in the tudums calling him a god and worshiping him, which his ego found rather flattering.

On one occasion he killed a female bear that was attacking a tudum girl, thereby saving the child's life. After a party that the inhabitants threw in his honor, Jarovit stumbled towards a warehouse and fell asleep there. He was woken up by a wet snout that was nudging him, searching for food. It was the cub of the killed she-bear.

Realizing that the young bear wouldn't be able to survive without its mother, Jarovit took the creature under his wing. The bear grew ever attached to Jarovit and accompanied him on all of his adventures. Both of them warriors, the wizard and the bear became each other's family and loyal comrades in arms.

During the winter, when Jarovit was to return to the underworld, the bear would take shelter in its cave and spend the remainder of winter there, waiting for his friend to return.

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House of Jarovit

The students of Jarovit house are brave and honorable protectors of justice, always ready to fight. They are cheerful, loud and often impulsive in their decision-making.