Lada is a kind soul, full of goodness, grace and love towards all living beings. As a nature lover, she would spend most of her time singing to plants and animals, as well as playing music for them.

Her music provided nourishment for the beings that surrounded her – flowers would bloom from the mere sound of her voice, trees started to bear well, the grass thrived and animals enjoyed this abundance. Birds often joined her in song, which was known to echo all the way to tudum settlements.

Lada had a soft spot for tudums. Full of maternal affection, she always had the urge to protect beings that couldn't take care of themselves. And from her perspective, tudums fit that category. Oftentimes she used her music to enrich their crops, especially after Morana's winter. This is why the tudums named Lada the goddess of beauty and fertility.

It was exactly that motherly aura that attracted Jarovit who had never met his mother, while Lada liked the fact that she had someone to take constant care of.

Various beings gathered around the animal-loving Lada, so as to keep her company while her beloved Jarovit was not around. She fed them and provided them with lodging in her warm home. She made friends with a deer that then accompanied her in both winter and summer, just like the bear accompanied Jarovit.


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House of Lada

Lada's nature-loving students are friendly and artistically inclined. They advocate unity among the houses, as well as peaceful resolutions. They are very protective of tudums.