leaden times return

Those who don't remember will suffer again, they say. I remember exceptionally well, even things I shouldn't have. That's why I didn't believe I'll live to see leaden times return.

And yet, here they are. Banging on our doors with a heavy leaden hand. It's a sound that squeezes my heart in its icy grip because I know all too well the damned gifts it brings. I know, because I remember.

We were blind and deaf. Way too soothed in a sense of security, fragile as a spider's web facing the oncoming storm, we didn't pay attention until it started to happen.

At first, people who had opinions that differed from the majority were belittled and treated with disdain. Then they were silenced. And when no one stood up for them, they started to disappear. Good wizards, industrious witches, people who had a lot to give to the whole Wizardom.

There were few of them, in the beginning. Now there are dozens. Isprva ih je bilo nekolicina. Sad ih se broji u desecima. Pawns are paying the price at the moment but it's only a matter of time when crowned heads shall start to roll.

Fear has started to gnaw on people. They are whispering about a powerful dark force, drenched in blood of the forbidden magic, that managed to conscript a huge number of secret followers to its cause, ready to answer their call when the time comes for a deciding battle to take place.

If it comes to pass, that is. The way things are going right now there won't be a battle. We'll lose it without lifting a single magic wand, gnawed by poisonous doubt and mistrust. Friendships are broken today. Tomorrow it'll be brother against sister.

Perhaps you'll wait in peace to come for you, like sheep awaiting slaughter. I will not. The time for patience has come to an end.

Let those who stand aside now die a shameful death.