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Perun is the supreme god of Slavic mythology and was the most powerful wizard of his time. He is just and proud but prone to mood swings. At times, he would be in an extremely good mood and at others that would change in the blink of an eye, resulting in him quickly losing interest or becoming agitated.

Although he had no quarrel with other co-founders of the Old School of Magic, he would often get into conflict with others, especially with various magical beings. Among his most well-known conflicts is the reoccurring fight with the dark wizard Veles (known amongst the tudums (non-magic folk) as the god of the Underworld) and the famous battle with the three giants Snježika, Orjen and Klek. During that battle, Perun turned the giants into mountains. They remain in that form on the battlefield to this day, as a testimony to Perun's wrath.

Perun was a skillful wizard and his specialty was weather charms. His spell that creates vast, dense fog around the castle whenever tudums are in the vicinity, continues to protect the castle to this very day.

Perun channeled his powers through a magical ax and is always portrayed holding it. His signature sign is lightning that can be seen coming out of that ax.


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The House of Perun

It is as if the House of Perun in the School of Magic was cursed and that the metaphorical curse seems to kick in every other year. Although this is not really the case, Perun's House does indeed have the most discrepancies when it comes to the quality of its students.

One year, the selected students are smart and willing to sacrifice themselves for their peers, but also do everything in order to win house points. They are competitive and intelligent, belligerent and just. This generation of students remains successful throughout their formal education, wins a lot of points in the Inter-House Championship and finishes school with excellent grades.

But then - as if the Morana's Cloak is messing with the Perun's House - every other year it selects students that are the exact opposite of their aforementioned predecessors.

This group of about ten students is so disinterested in everything that goes around in the school, that they find the barely subtle art of nose-picking and examining the extracted treasure more appealing than paying attention in class.

Although they are not lazy per se, sometimes it seems as if they would love nothing more than to lie on their backs and sleep. But when the time comes for them to actually go to bed, they become lively and unable to keep quiet, so the professors are often forced to cast quieting charms on the doors of their dormitories.

These students are very hot headed and tend not to think about consequences. And yet, they always find something to complain about. This student generation manages to win the least amount of points in the Inter-House Championship every single time and it often turns out that the efforts of their "smart" predecessors are nullified due to this generation's tomfoolery that causes them to lose points.

When it comes to exams, they somehow manage to get good grades without cheating. This ultimately proves that they do have intellectual tendencies, as well as very high IQ levels.