how it all started

In the Slavic mythology they were called gods but they were the most powerful wizards of their times, who didn't hide their skills and spellcraft from tudums. Often would Perun and Veles fought with lightning and thunder in midst of tudum's villages and towns, destroying their houses, crops and woods.

Most important among them were the founders of the Old School of Magic: Perun, Jarovit, Morana i Lada.



Jarovit, Morana and Lada

Jarovit and Morana were a brother and a sisters, twins fathered by the mighty Perun himself. But Veles took Jarovit right after he was born so didn't know he had a sister, and Morana never knew what Jarovit looked like. After many years in the underworld of Veles, Jarovit managed to set himself free and fled back to our world.

Exploring landscapes unknown to him, while strolling on the slopes of the mountain Risnjak he met an attractive young woman. It was Morana. They fell in love immediately and become lovers.

But Jarovit just gained his freedom from the underworld and was of a mischievious mind. He wanted to explore more than just unknown landscapes. Soon he fell for Lada, a young and beautiful witch, who won him over with her tenderness and kindness. And yes, Jarovit always had a soft spot for ladies in distress. 

Morana was hurt to the deepest depths of her heart.

Morana's Cloak

Wanting to please his daughter Morana, Perun suggested they start an educational program for young witches and wizards, knowing very well that she wouldn't be able to pass up the opportunity to exercise her authority and mold young minds in her own image.

That was the beginning of the School of Magic in Stara Sušica. Perun's only condition was that the school also accommodate his son Jarovit, who brought along his lover Lada.

Although Morana was in charge of the School, all four of them founded their own school houses, accepting students each of them considered worthy. In order to ensure that the students would be sorted fairly, Morana gave the school her cloak, which had the power to see into the depths of human nature. That very same cloak can be found in the school to this very day, serving as the Sorting Cloak.