secret of the school of magic

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Welcome to the Wizards' Croatia.

Lately the world of magic has been struck by the most unusual things. Disturbing. Weird even for witches and wizards' standard.

All around the world ministries of magic receive random reports of missing persons and artefacts, as well as sudden changes in behaviour. Also, anomalies have been detected in vicinities of several schools of magic.

As these occurences have taken place in various times and completely different parts of the world, it took a long while before people started to connect the dots and attribute them to a possible common cause.

Among many wild theories that started to circulate almost immediately there was one which gained prominence more than others. The one that claimed a powerful dark wizard is to be blamed - perhaps several of them, even - who deliberately targets certain points in the magic world, shrouded in the utmost secrecy.

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And so paranoia and fear have taken over the world. Ministries of magic in many countries ceased to communicate between themselves, fearing infiltration from a hostile enemy agents. Or perhaps more of them.

Wizards and witches who witnessed attacks in their countries and managed to escape them have tried to warn others about what's going on but no one knows whom to trust. 

A secret resistance movement is slowly taking shape. Like-minded people are coming together, trying to discern intentions, purposes and goals of the Black Wizard, his identity, followers and how to stop them all.

In Croatia, ancient home of magic, a group of operatives also took the initiative in their hands, trying to organize people willing to stand against the rising threat.

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You were invited to the the ancient castle of Stara Sušica - hidden from the tudums (the non-magical folk) by powerful spells and protected by many ancient ward from the forces of darkness - where School of Magic is situated.

The atmosphere is tense, burdened with mistrust and suspicion.

Welcome to the Wizards' Croatia.