Welcome to The Terrible Lair

Ever since the end of August 2014, when we came together as Terrible Creations collective to design and create games, we have been wishing for a place we can call our own.

That dream came true on Saturday, March 11 2017. After a lot of hard work, along with tremendous support by many people close and dear to us the Terrible Lair came to existence at Podolje 10 in Zagreb, Croatia. 

To all of you who made it possible, and all of you who shared our joy at the opening party by playing the Famiglia Bonifacio: The Evening Before (twice!) and BSG: Freighter 212 as well as hanging out with us long after midnight - we thank you kindly.

The Terrible Lair is the place where you can play live-action role-playing games - written by us and other authors - but also ask and find out everything you want to know about their amazing world, envision new enterprises and get in touch with people who can help you make them come true. 

We're off to a new adventure now. Come and join us! Check out our Event Calendar and/or subscribe for our newsletter (scroll down to the end of this page).